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Updating firmware on nokia n95

* When you added music files then refresh the library it does not give the correct number of added files. Once you have upgraded your device, you will not be able to restore to the earlier version.

You can however re-install the same firmware version as you’re already running as many times as you want (which sometimes can cure back-up restoration problems).

Das Nokia N95 bietet die Mglickeit, ein Update mittels USB-Datenkabel und der Nokia Software-Updater am heimischen Computer durchzufhren.

Other new features included are the client has been added, but for now it is useless, because Nokia have not updated their music server to handle the N95.

There have also been made changes to the functionality.

The firmware installed on my phone was ‘V 20.0.015’, you can check your Nokia phone firmware version by pressing *#0000# on any Nokia phone.

I wanted to update my N95 phone firmware with the latest firmware software available with Nokia, and for that first you have to install Nokia Software Updater which you can download from the following link (

If an upgrade is available everything should be cool, the NSU will guide you through the installation.

The process will take several minutes to complete and may cause your phones screen to flicker or go black. In either case, NEVER play with the phones buttons or slider etc.The NSU will try to determine whether or not your phone has the latest firmware by checking it’s so called ‘product code’.The product code depends on which region the phone was bought and/or if it is branded.Normally the latest firmware is first released to the phones with the EURO1 product code.Other regions receive the update over time and branded phones are usually the last (if ever) to get the latest firmware versions. Please tell me if anyone know about software upgradation of Nokia mobile.Can use Bluetooth connectivity for data transfer of only USB data can be used for data transfer. during the update process as this seriously can harm your phone likely causing it not to start.Just leave it be until the update process is finished.For example, at the time of writing this, the latest version of the firmware for T-Mobile's N95 is v14.0.001 while the vanilla version available now is v21.0.016.Your phone has a different product code from the generic vanilla handset codes used by Nokia.

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