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Then,you mention in this thread that you'd "like to be looked after"......................These 2 things alone would put MANY men off.......& i dont blame 'em !!

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. It does not matter what income is earned - some people just want more and will go for it and then you get the people who are very selfish and say "well I am not paying for this - my MONEY is for me to spend on me".

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... I FIND THAT MOST WOMEN WANT A MAN TO MAKE A NICER WAGE THAN THEMSELVES.. I HOPE THAT PEOPLES PROFESSIONS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH REJECTION..?? I hate going out for dinner with couples who fight over who is going to pay for dinner at the end of the night or for dessert or something along those lines.

Though I think some women care about a man's income I think it's less than what the stereotype is, or what men tell themselves.

My belief is that very few men actually care about YOUR income.

It is also important how well they can manage their finances.

Someone who earns a lot of money, but spends it in stupid and frivolous ways, would not be very attractive. We will need to re-negociate your put out levels, semi regular isn't quite regular enough.I did glance at your profile and trust me I m no profile expert, but the fact that you mention that wage is not a issue with you , to me screams "the lady does protesth too much" I could be wrong, but another poster has already noticed that....Someone who earns only a low or middle income, but who uses their money prudently and wisely, would be more attractive.I look for people who are rich in the mind and in the heart rather than in their wallet.Many of us just want someone who can paddle their side of the canoe.We are not expecting him to bring a yacht into the relationship. So far as dating goes, I would have to judge each person according to the context and life situation they are in.Ive set up a little spreadsheet that calculates what it takes to live comfortably, and what it would cost to be living with a partner.It allows you to add in children and animals and a few other variables.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Firstly, Fetsh - would you mind taking your cap lock off? Secondly, I have been out with lots of blokes who don't earn a great deal, in fact, I haven't been with anybody who is 'well-off'. But maybe that's because I'm at the low end of the wage scale, being a single parent who works only part time. I dont expect any higher income eraner to want me either.. Have your domestic at home and who cares who bloody pays for it - should balance out in the end. People sadly judge others on many aspects , their profession and associated wages is one of them. education, personality, sense of humour, how they treat their family and friends and lttile kittens, amongst other things....because we judge, period and this issue is just another we use to size someone up, but if that person is rite for you and meets your needs/wants in your emotional , physical , mental criteria then all the other things tend to fall by the wayside.WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT PEOPLE NOT WANTING SOMEONE BECAUSE OF THERE PAY PACKET.. Call me naive, but chemistry has always been far more important to me. I did not know that the caps lock was for yelling with. Maybe i am a little paranoid but i hope that i am not rejected because of my income..?? It doesnt matter as long as your happy, however they may become issues in the future but thats another story.

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