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Matt had a bigger cock and he knew how to use it on me.

He lowered his face and worked on each of my hard nipples.

A few times when I was alone I would rub myself while thinking about Matt. "You need to get yourself together Sue," he told me. Right at the moment, the man I wanted was sitting right next to me.

I gripped him hard with my ass muscles and I made Matt cum inside my bowels.

That left my Mom and me to take care of things around the house. Sometimes I would stroke myself and think about my Mom.

Our phone sex therapy is just what the doctor ordered to soothe those unspeakable cravings!

Matt was five years younger than me but he always seemed to be the mature one.

I've been so horny." Matt got this strange face on. I waited a good five minutes when Matt stood at the doorway.

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I pushed my pants and panties down to the floor and I kicked them away. I got onto the bed and waited to see if my brother would be coming back. Matt pushed all the way in and rested his erect member inside me. I let out this gasp as his thick pole slid into my body. Here was my brother filling my pussy with his hardness. It had been too long since I felt a man's cum coating my pussy. I needed to make sure I got every drop from my brother's cock. Matt finally stopped and rested his cock inside my tunnel. He finally grunted and I felt his baby cum squirting inside me. I couldn't believe the amount of orgasms I was having. My mom finally reached out and took my cock in her hand. I could hear my Mom gagging some as she took me deep. I had his cock in my pussy and mouth and he even had my ass. I do admit it was some intensely sexual pleasure when he took me that way. Matt and I are talking about possibly moving in together. All I know is that I need to have Matt giving me his love cum. "It's okay Mom, I want you to suck on it." She looked up at my face and then back to my prick. She brought my mushroom to her lips and she inhaled me.

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