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Be advised that, if an autopsy was performed, the body may have large incisions, crudely stitched sutures, discolorations, and other markings that may be disturbing to children and some family members.

To insure that the deceased is handled in a manner appropriate to the Sikh traditions, your input and answers to questions will be most valuable.

The deceased person’s spouse, parent or child, or their representative, (such as a minister) can make arrangements with the funeral home and take care of the special requests involved in preparing the body of a Sikh for cremation It is important, prior to one’s death, for a person to take care of certain legal preparations.

Unless an autopsy is required by law, as Sikhs we prefer than an autopsy not be performed, though it is left to personal choice.

Also, as Sikhs we prefer to not have any embalming fluid used on the remains of the deceased.

The funeral home will transport the body to the crematorium.

The person who is responsible for decisions regarding the preparation and disposition of the body is determined by the will of the deceased.A lawyer should be consulted immediately, since the official appointment of a personal representative or executor is made by a state court.This person will make the final decisions about preparation and cremation.While an autopsy may be a traumatic and upsetting process to many, it is, unfortunately, not negotiable.It is a detailed examination done to determine if "foul play" entered into the death, and whether or not there is any public health hazard involved.Whether the deceased is displayed in an open or closed casket, and organ donation are personal choices.The body is prepared for cremation by rubbing it with fresh home-made yogurt, dressing it in full bana, with the five K’s, and wrapping it in a clean white sheet.A clean white cotton turban might serve this purpose instead of a sheet.Local regulations often require that the body be cremated in a casket.The events which follow the death of a person vary a great deal, depending on the circumstances of death.Each state and municipality has its own set of laws and procedures governing the handling, preparation and disposition of the body.

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