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For more information, visit on our Facebook page at— The Family Peace Project, Inc., a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization, works to protect, educate, assist, care and empower victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in Henderson & Kaufman Counties in Texas.

For the years 2004-2010, 4% of women responding to the PRAMS survey reported experiencing domestic violence in the 12 months before pregnancy and 3.2% report experiencing domestic violence during their pregnancy.

The Consolidated Youth and Engaging Men Program is celebrating National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month through a recorded conversation featuring young people sharing their thoughts and observations on ...

Watch the video here at where you can also catch up on the latest on the administration’s efforts to address youth dating violence and sexual assault.

Information for the OASAS Client data system is gathered system-wide, at time of discharge.

We also know that research shows that men overestimate how accepted this kind of violence is by other men.

And so we thought the best way to get the truth out was to make sure young men hear from other men they respect.

A number of responses contained practical suggestions about improving security and accountability, and giving everyone access to the best information.

The Vice President has highlighted the importance of using newer technology by sending the first official text to the recently expanded National Dating Abuse Helpline.

Some topics the PSA can cover are gender roles, media literacy, teen dating violence, healthy friendships and relationships, boundaries and consent, anger and how to help a friend.

“We really want our youth to be involved in spreading the message of teen dating violence because the truth is it is happening everywhere and has no barriers to who it affects,” said Farmer.

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