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Predating mayfield boneyard

Much as they were revered in their hometown, the Neville Brothers' ascent to superstardom had to wait until the musical collaboration between Aaron Neville and Linda Ronstadt woke up the rest of the world to what they had been missing.Aaron Neville's career as a soloist points up a key fact about the Neville Brothers.

The group produced a CD in 1991 entitled And Diversity, which gives the listener a good overview of their amazing range.Diversity is still part of Charles Neville's repertoire, along with the huge body of recordings and personal appearances the Neville Brothers have made in the past decade.Charles Neville's talented daughter, Charmaine Neville often joins her father on-stage.Treacherous: A History of the Neville Brothers 1955-1985 He returned to New Orleans to play with his brothers in 1977.Being a member of the First Family of Funk has made him world famous.But for years, the Nevilles produced great music that was seldom heard outside of the Crescent City.Some of their best work is on Treacherous (1986), which incorporates everything from Mardi Gras Indian songs to Aaron Neville's top-charted "Tell It Like It Is." Little they have done since can compare with the album's gospel finale.This was when nuclear weapons were kept under lock and key by central governments rather than being sold openly on the black market. You’re going to have to look hard for this one, perhaps because it was never issued on cd: the only available file seems to be on youtube. The Dog Show – All About Wrong Like a whole bunch of late 90s/early zeros New York bands, the Dog Show was a spinoff of the late, lamented Douce Gimlet: frontman Jerome O’Brien was Douce Gimlet’s bass player.This is a beautiful, bitter, slowly crescendoing kiss-off ballad, pretty subtle until it hits the point where O’Brien stars railing that if he ever thinks of getting back in touch with the woman in question , he’ll rip the phone off the wall. The sonically best version is on the first Dog Show cd, simply titled Demo.Each has his own separate musical identity: Cyril Neville with his reggae rhythms, Art Neville with the Meters, and Charles Neville with his group Diversity.Charles Neville & Diversity Known for ethereal performances at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Diversity followed the masterful lead of Charles Neville.

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