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A new firmware update which removes the camera from the cloud whenever a hard reset occurs.

I was baffled--before I returned it, I wiped and reset the camera to out-of-the-box status.

Opening a notification email gave me a link to Amcrestcloud.

I explained that the notifications were NOT the problem--the problem is that I can see into someone else's bedroom through the camera!

They took my info and promised to call back, but nothing.

Notifying Amazon and all authorized retailers of this issue and requiring them to return all used/returned cameras to us directly so that we can remove them from the Cloud.

Retailers are not authorized to resell used cameras.2.I received a more or less stock response from their customer service rep and in an email reply to an email I sent them, documenting the problem.I cannot contact the young lady into whose bedroom I can see, and neither Amcrest nor Amazon seem concerned. This issue needs to go big and people need to hear loud and clear about this problem.Armcrest Team While it's upsetting the horrible truth is that many webcams are accessible without name and password. So if folk don't secure their cameras there's little to add here. If "this has been kicked around for years now," that would explain the apparent lack of urgency on the part of both Amcrest and Amazon.However I am encountering folk that think it's the product maker/seller's responsibility to lock it down. Now, if I could only lose the lack of urgency on my part and the memory of the sick feeling I got upon discovery I still had access to this camera.On Friday, May 20, 2016, I noticed that I had over 1500 Junk emails.Opening the folder, I discovered that beginning April 14, 2016, to present, I was getting motion detection notifications from the camera.Going there, I was able to log in, and had the option to Liveview the camera.When I did--I WAS LOOKING INTO SOMEONE ELSE'S BEDROOM!I also had access to the 4-hour loop timeline and I could control the camera (pan, etc). I immediately showed my wife what was going on, and she was sickened.I shut down the access and contacted Amcrest support--they not only were baffled by what was going on, they seemed more concerned with trying to get the notifications to stop.

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