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Today's Bull is No Joke: in addition to his 6'3", 240-pound, chiseled frame, he's packing 10" of girthy, uncut meat. She'll feed it to you as The Bull (and Riley) laugh their ass off. Our scene opens with The Bulls taking on a new job! They've found a "honey hole", a house with so many rare things, it'll make their month!

Super slut Riley has been dicked down a ton, but today's Bull is gonna stretch her cunt as far as it'll go! When you're not looking at the faces Riley makes taking all that dick, you're secretly looking at all that dick!! What they stumble upon is something so rare and so beautiful, The Bulls can't believe their eyes!

When the Bull pulls out, Summer will clean her ass of his BBC. This makes the foreman think Erica's just a crazy, old cat lady. As long as they're way younger than Erica...which is almost always the case! As they leave out, there's cum dripping from her pussy; anything she couldn't swallow is all over her face; and finally, Mrs.

He's hungry now and doesn't want to wait on Riley to have to re-do her make-up!!

It doesn't take long for "mommy" to start sucking cock, and in even a shorter amount of time, she's getting all her holes stretched!

Stepson is in Heaven, jerking it until his dick is literally sore! Beautiful, blonde Riley Star sure has, especially when her boyfriend is out of town.

What Carolina isn't telling him is Dad's on a last-minute business trip! The petite little snow bunny does her best to seduce him, and sure enough..the promises are made, Carolina finds herself on her knees and her eager mouth stuffed with black meat! Then it's off with everything, starting with her birthday-girl tiara!

And look at the way Carolina's eyes roll into the back of her heads when she's so "stretched"! Next, Daya's tight, black mini-skirt...showing off her supple, black ass.

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