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Intimidating a witness uk

Nor does the material available to the House identify any specific threats that were made to the witnesses. Leaving the present case on one side, it is obvious that, if people are frightened to give evidence about some crime which they have witnessed, they will be equally frightened to give evidence about any threats that may have been made to deter them from giving evidence.

In any event, where implied threats of violence to, or ostracism of, “grasses” are part of the culture of a community, these will often be quite sufficient in themselves to deter potential witnesses.

In 1996 worries about the effects of witness intimidation led Strathclyde Police to introduce a Witness Protection Programme. The House was told nothing about the background to this particular case - only that the shooting took place in a flat in Hackney.

Smiling: Hernandez talks with one of his attorneys, Charles Rankin, during his arraignment at Suffolk Superior Court, Thursday on a charge of trying to silence a witness in a double murder case against him by shooting the man in the face While prosecutors have not identified the man involved in the non-fatal shooting, details of the incident match a civil suit filed by Alexander Bradley (pictured) a former friend who alleges that Hernandez shot him, costing him an eye.

Bradley testified (pictred during Hernandez's trial in Fall River, Massachusetts, over the killing of Lloyd Bradley, who lost an eye in the shooting, testified during Hernandez's trial in Fall River, Massachusetts, over the killing of Lloyd.

Convicted murderer and former National Football League star Aaron Hernandez pleaded not guilty on Thursday to charges that he shot a man prosecutors believe witnessed a 2012 double homicide of which Hernandez is also accused.

This first glimpse of the killer's new ink comes just a month into his life behind bars as a convicted murderer and days after reports emerged that he agreed to serve as look-out in a brutal gang-related beating of a fellow convict.

Victims in cases of sexual assault are defined as falling into this category.

Other witnesses who may be considered to be intimidated witnesses include: If your case is passed to the Public Prosecution Service (PPS), and you become a prosecution witness, the prosecutor will consider applying for special measures to help you when giving evidence in court.Hernandez, 25, was sentenced last month to life in prison for the June 2013 murder of an acquaintance, Odin Lloyd, whose body was found in a North Attleborough, Massachusetts, industrial park not far from the former New England Patriots tight end's home.'Not guilty,' Hernandez replied when a judge asked how he pleaded to the charge of witness intimidation for the February 2013 incident.Trained volunteers and staff from the services provide a free and confidential service including: Find out more about help available for vulnerable people giving evidence.Intimidated witnesses are those whose quality of testimony is likely to be diminished by reason of fear or distress at the prospect of giving evidence.The evidence of a detective officer quoted by the Court of Appeal in paragraph 9 of its judgment paints an all too graphic picture. In the present case the judge was satisfied that the witnesses in question had genuine and reasonable grounds for fearing the consequences if their identities were revealed. So we are not dealing with the comparatively common situation where, for example, potential witnesses, who are reluctant to give evidence against a fellow gang member, try to use supposed threats as an excuse for not going to court.If a witness citation is issued, such people can be brought to court and the sanction of contempt of court is then available to try to ensure that they speak up.In due course the Crown Prosecution Service is presented with evidence obtained on that basis.By the time the matter comes on for trial, the court is really faced with a fait accompli. My noble and learned friends, Lord Bingham of Cornhill and Lord Carswell, have surveyed the domestic case law which has been developed in these circumstances.I would accordingly allow this appeal and remit the case to the Court of Appeal inviting that court to quash the conviction and decide, if application is made, whether to order a retrial. The intimidation of witnesses is an age-old and worldwide problem.When Cicero was intent on prosecuting Verres for his reign of terror in Sicily, highly-placed henchmen of Verres threatened “the fearful and oppressed Sicilian witnesses” with dire consequences if they gave evidence against him.

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