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When they think of vlogging, they picture videos outlining their day to day.

What I had for breakfast, and look at the new *blank* I just purchased. In this post series, I’m going to show you how to leverage video to gain more fans, followers, business connections and client I’ll walk you through creating talking head videos, video songs/cover songs, screen captures as well as the editing process.

This is one fun way I find new connections and projects. In this post I’m going to go over the equipment you’ll need to start vlogging (video marketing).

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Webcams: I don’t think it get’s any cheaper than this.

Most laptops and computer monitors come with a webcam built in.

I broke this down into 3 types; webcams, handheld cams (pocket) and dslr.

I left out camcorders because I have no experience with them.

Das Wochenarchiv: Ein Gewitter oder einen Wintereinbruch verpasst?

Bis zu sechs Tage zurück lassen sich das Wettergeschehen verfolgen.

So good lighting and an external audio source are a must. DSLR Cameras: Huge step up from the pocket cameras as they offer better quality and control over your cameras features; Iso, aperture, light metering, fps and you can add on different lenses..

Models I suggest getting Canon Rebel T3i Canon Rebel T4i Canon Rebel T5i Sorry for not mentioning any Nikon models.

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