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Eclipse updating maven dependencies hangs

Note that a JDK is required for some operations of the M2Eclipse plug-in described below.

It is also convenient for you install the JDK outside "Program Files" if you are developing in Microsoft Windows, using a directory with no spaces in the name.

We have performed a successful build from Helios on Ubuntu Linux, Window XP and Windows 7 with Git and M2Eclipse installed.

First, each application module should be separate a project in Eclipse, and each of these projects should have a configured Ivy DE classpath container.

To enable resolution in the workspace, go to the "classpath" panel of the classpath container and select Resolve dependencies in workspace.

Initially, we recommend installing the Sun JDK to get success and then you may explore other options.

The Oracle/Sun JDK may be obtained from here for common platforms. It is not required that Eclipse be running in the same JDK/JRE version as is being used for development but it is convenient if you use the same JDK/JRE version on the command line as you are using for Eclipse.

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