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E2k7 oab not updating

If you are building an OAB Version 4 you can follow this blog to make sure that it is being generated successful.

However it only happens when the user is on a machine that isn't part of our domain.THis is a brand new install of Exchange 2007 on Windows Server 2003 X64. EXE application and all tests seem to be OK except the my output...... WARNING: No exchange server profiles on this system.Exchange is on a virtualized member server and AD is on a seperate virtualized Windows 2K3 machine. This is ok Registry scan ended at: PM Starting Test 8 - OAB System Folder Check OAB System folder check started at: PM MAPIInitialize Failure: hr = 0x80004005 MAPI Error = E_FAIL: General access denied error.Once you put your credentials in you will get a 600 error and this is ok as you are connecting to the autodiscover service just fine: The reason why you get the 600 error is that you are not sending a proper http/get request with the schema data that is needed.So in short, make sure that the OAB has been generated ok, the files are in the proper locations and your client is getting an OAB url, you can check this from the Outlook icon.but when i used them on a member computer in the same domain it work I think there is an issues in the permissions to access OAB folders Sorry for the double-post, but I just realized something possibly very helpful for all of you who are seeing the problem only for PCs that are not domain members: Looking at the IIS permissions on the OAB virtual directory shows that "Authenticated Users" is essentially the most "open" permission there.Same user, same version of Outlook (2007) but when used from their desktop in the domain everything is fine from their laptop which is plugged into the same network but not a member of the domain we see this error. The OAB is at https://server_name/OAB/64228a00-66ea-4c25-aca0-df6e18a6cbe4/I can access this without any problems both internally and externally on the same url both using http and https. I must be missing something because I've since setup a standalone test machine in a new domain with a clean installation of Exchange 2007 and I'm getting identical problems!I even joined the laptop into our domain temporarily to prove the issue disappeared. I've tried changing the URLs under Server Configuration I had this problem when I used outlook 20 on a computer is not joined to the domain that the Exchange server member in.I am getting the following error message from Outlook 2007 when performing a send/receive. Microsoft Exchange offline address book Not downloading Offline address book files. 0X8004010F I have read numerous articles on how to rebuild the OAB, have deleted and re-created the OAB, have rebooted the GC, nothing has helped.

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