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Dns not updating new ip address

On a semi related note: I know this has been a touchy subject some places I have looked. For each DC, what should their local DNS settings be?

Good day guys I run AD with DNS and DHCP on 1 domain controller Yesterday, I did an upgrade on a laptop which entailed the following 1.

I have two DCs, both have DNS running, one running DHCP.

For some reason DHCP leases are not registered in either DNS server.

So it looks like it will add new records but not update existing ones.

I started wondering if this had something to do with installing the Pertino client on my DCs last Friday but am not sure.

When a new client gets an IP address, DHCP doesn't update DNS with the record. The DHCP and DNS are on the same box (which is also the primary DC).

I have checked the event viewer logs for the DHCP and DNS server but nothing is present?

these guide lines are copied from MS forums,and it's good to follow so it may helps at your case: 1. You can create it manually on the DNS server, else wait for the server to update is database/DNS entries.

The machine's DNS entries in the NIC, must be ONLY configured to use the internal DNS servers that host the zone. The Primary DNS Suffix on the machine must match the zone name in DNS. This usually is set to 15 min by default, else it was modified somehow.

I have changed IP addresses from dynamic to static in Network Connection properties of 3 Windows XP machine.

But it doesn't update DNS records in DNS server (AD integrated in Windows 2003 Domain level).

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