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Dating someone with cancer

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Ya, cancer can have that effect :) But a few days in, I received a message from a man who was caring, nice, & so funny.She played me her favorite albums—the Rolling Stones' —uninhibited and completely herself.Her air of calm made her easy to be around and, as time passed, hard to be away from." She wanted to know everything about me, even if it meant asking thorny questions. Our talks meandered through the peaks and valleys of our lives, our uncensored histories.Sometimes, if it got too late, I'd crash at her place, where the possibility of touching hands or bumping elbows in the night kept me awake. "No one wants to be with someone on her way out," Jackie said one night.By the time I saw Jackie in a documentary about cancer and reached out to ask her where I could buy the hat she wore in the film ("Fuck Cancer", it read), she had held on for seven years.The treatments she was getting would prolong her life but would not save it.He’ll distance himself from someone who is abrupt or too intense.He doesn’t move fast in relationships, instead preferring to take his time.I spent the summer in a state of cautious euphoria.Jackie didn't look sick, and we were having fun, so I put my fear out of my mind.

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