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Dating sites key words htm

And, as ever, your significant other can hire a private investigator, and he or she has access to lots of newfangled tools with which to spy on you.

In general, HTML keywords are found whether you intend them to be there or not.

This is the best way to use keywords - by making sure that they are included on your page! Remember, your content should be written for humans, not search engines!

The text should read and feel natural and not be peppered with every possible keyword possible. When you hear the term "keywords" in web design, the most common use is as meta data.

Keywords are just text like any other text, and when a search engine views your page, it looks at the text and attempts to make a decision regarding what the page is about based on the text it sees.

It reads the content of your page and see what important words are contained in that text.

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