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Dating ruins friendships

Therefore, as friends, there tends to be tension about things that had happened during the relationship or things just are awkward.Breakups are difficult and one person may need time on their own to figure things out and move on. If you mean friendship as in friendship between you and your ex partner then it's mostly because of bitterness, staying friends after breakup is hard and often doesn't work out.

We involve others and sides are taken and friendships and broken and torn apart because of it.

I hope I answered your question :)It depends on the relationship of the two people involved.

Some couples used to be good friends then it turns out that they broke up, some people don't like to be friends with their exes especially when they haven't moved on yet. Some people choose to get over the memories they had and the person they made it with.

Mostly because by dating, you give a piece of your heart away and they get to know you on a more personal level, so remaining friends is hard at first and awkward.

Relationships tend to end because both parties aren't able to come to an agreement, or things just don't work out.

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