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Dating fender speaker codes

The main focus of this article will be speakers found in Fender amps, but before we get into that topic let’s go over a few other areas first.

Every other part of the circuit (power and preamp) is identical to the blackface AB763 schematic.

Of course, the most foolproof way is to pull the chassis and look at the layout.

In fact, on the 40-watt and 80-watt amps you can simply pull the chassis out about 2 inches and look for the big honking ceramic power resistors that are connected to ground from the cathode (pin 8) of the power tubes.

Fender never printed any since there were plenty of leftover AB763 tube charts available and these were used well into 1969.

Although the cosmetics changed, the circuits remained unaltered from the blackface circuits on the earliest silverface amps.

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