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At least that's the sentiment of 2,667 respondents surveyed by 2Red Beans, an online dating website for overseas Chinese.

“I think it’s from the influence of western culture,” Zhao told NBC News.

This means not only did Danielle win the HOH competition she also won the POV.

At am Dan is alone and looks up to the camera and whispers: "Do I take out Shane or Do I take out Ian?

Nothing here should be considered medical advice, just the experience of a family that has banged it's head into a wall a few times, said "ouch", and realized there may be a different way...

I blog about my own experiences, many of which involve trial and error.

In some examples, parents won't acknowledge or talk to the couple or the significant other whom they disapprove of.

In extreme cases, parents will disown their children because of their marital choices.

Dan and Ian thinking of scenarios to keep both of them in the house and go to the final 2 together because they both know Danielle will take Shane and Shane will take Danielle.

There is just general chit chat all night about random things like Spongebob.

These differences apply to most of Asia, as well, so pay attention.

Hey guys, Kane here, your Chinese based dating coach.

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