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:r/ 6 EVERYBODYS POULTRY MAGAZINE for January, 1939 Let the FUL-0-PEP PLAN Help -939 Y(mi BIG YEAR for Profits! See them go into the laying houses next Fall, full of health and vitality — big rugged, deep chested birds, ready to lay their heads off and make you a big profit ! M A Discussion of a Qroup of Diseases Which Include Brooder Pneumonia^ Vent Qleetf White Comb, Air Sacs, and Others By Dn B.

A.'s Senior Exten- sion Poultry Husbandman, approxi- mately 50 per cent of the annual chick crop is being brooded in January and February. as well as many elsewhere, have seen midwinter brooding "pay-off" in these seven ways: 1.

Proper arrangement of roads, fence gates, houses, doors and equipment to shorten the chore route, and adapting feeding methods to reduce time, all help. Coring R ^' C SAY- I SURE FEEL SWELL THAT Fl/l'O CHICK STARTER IS MIGHTY FINE FOR US PEEPS m "i^j^vmi 'i Mni' I, 'AKE a big success with your new chicks this year! American Poultry Journal says "A set of '.' iiiiiill l ij i rn n ■■*- •" •' j' ■■■'^- -■■ ^i^^f- ^iiin BOX 62, WALLINOr ORD, CONN.- Mold Diseases in Poultry I A cut tlirongli a f^izznrd afferted with myro His. wall diseased; 3, eheesy ranker; 4, normal mu M-ular wall.

Give me full facts about PIC Peat Litterand how I can convert Manured Peat Litter into cash. Grimes thought that there was more money in the retail chicken business. He bought chickens from the farmers, killed them, dressed and took them to market in iced barrels. Retail Outlets Increase The stores kept on multiplying with I I'I€;a^se turn to page .331 Six new trucks take the uholc chickens, packed In Ice in barrels, from the slautrhter house to the stores located in the East. EVERYBODYS POULTRY MAGAZINE for January, 1939 No Longer a Fad \ UNKNOWN just a few years back, midwinter chick brooding is common practice with poul- trymen everywhere today, experi- ments having shown its worth, and those practicing it having found it a destructive weapon against a number of enemies attacking poultrymen's profits. EVERYBODYS POULTRY MAGAZINE for January, 1939 Starting chicks early in the year is a sound business practice for the commercial flock oivner.

Rsirii for Ma- nmrm A Prat Littar ■ra Bapplt«d at coat Addrtif.. His father was at that time in the wholesale chicken business. In addition, the amount of labor required for brooding will be more evenly distributed, rather than an unusual amount being demanded over a short period.

Five Ways to Make Your Poultry Plant EFFICIENT By Thomas E. New Hampshire t;rowers Plan Meeting at Congress — New Hampshire Poultry $1,000 in Cash for the Best Egg Meal Menu The World's Poultry Congress National Committee has announced that it will give as a part of its consumer program, $1,000 in cash to the ierson submitting the best l Ogg .

Clatal Qed adrertl^init ratee are always fuund on Oral page of classified vdver- lliementa in each Issue. 1) was 43.7 cents per dozen; by medium-hatched (March 7) birds, 42.1 cents; and by late-hatched (May 7) birds, 39.4 cents. Pullets fll MOO; Corkerel V jf^iil O Plum Creek Poultry F«rm & Hatchery, Sunbury. 26 Congress Speciul Days Announced — The executive board of the World's Poultry Congress has set aside the following days as having particular significance: Friday, July 28 — Opening Day and Registration. Sunday, July 30 — International Peace Day (Dedication of Cultural Gardens). This does not include cost of meals at the Congress, however.

The Beacon manufacturing set-up neither produces nor uses any fillers or by-products of low nutritive value. Egg prices have held up, feed costs continue low, and egg production is quite profitable. Healthy birds lay more eggs, insure greater profits. Care, attention to details, maintenance of a rigid sanitation program are more steps to lower mortality.

This allows complete freedom to select every ingredient solely on the basis of the specific contribution it will make to the ration. Naturally, these conditions have put poultry raisers in a happy mood, and iheir optimism is reflected in heavier buying of baby chicks for delivery during the 1939 season. 3 Qet Many Eggs When Prices are Up Egg prices are highest in October, November, December and January.

But most of the people shopping in the market had left for the day. The average annual price received for eggs laid by the February, March. Cliff Carpenter, chairman of the song contests committee.

Cepyrlihtetf It3( by Everyb Mlys Peultry MMulne Publlshl Nf Cmh- Nny. The idea struck him as quite novel and interesting, so he began to proclaim his wares with all the fanaticism of the street vendor. More eggs were likewise pro- duced by the early birds during the high price season. 3Iore tlian 150 adults from 20 states entered the Poultry Congress Adult Song Contest, according to Dr.

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