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For withdrawal its require to use smart-contract method withdraw Dividends [b]Reminder:[/b] be aware that if user has small number of tokens on their account (or even just 1 token available) than the profit could be less than actual transaction commission. Once all tokens are sold and the sales are closed [b]we come to the reinvestment stage to[/b] increase the power of the farm.

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[b]User must have at least one HMT on referrer account for the program to work.[/b] All details you could find on whitepaper: [url=][/url] News channel on telegram: [url= Money News] Money News[/url] Chat channel on telegram: [url=][/url] Website : [url=][/url] Facebook : [url=https:// Twitter : [url=][/url] Contract address : [url= Contract] Contract[/url] Sources etherscan : [url=][/url] github : [url= Mining Token/blob/master/Honey Mining Token.sol] Mining Token/blob/master/Honey Mining Token.sol[/url] Our farm : [IMG] We dont have any bounty, read doc and all would be clear.

u= oh=74fff28bf63612b0c9b140ed30737bbc&oe=5B183CF0&t=585&c=C4b WJIKf5E0ORw[/IMG] P. [/center] As some of you systemization, I was similarly surprised at how a albatross diminution kneading can be when cast-off periodically line dieting, it also worked in an similarly zigzag rules to dole out broken with removing from the body.

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