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The scammers cannot risk keeping evidence of their scam, so once the video has been deleted, no more instances of it turn up. To ensure you can act fast if the video does reappear, do a Google search of your name.

The first thing to do is take a deep breath, compose yourself and think clearly.

Do not panic and closely follow the steps below, without missing any out.

The scammer then uploads the footage to a public video-sharing site and blackmails the victim with the threat to send it to the victim’s friends and family via social networking, unless the victim pays up.

These scams are most often run by people in Morocco or the Philippines.

The scam involves the victim being duped into stripping and acting in a sexual manner on webcam.

The webcam footage is recorded and played back to the victim who sees himself acting inappropriately on video footage.

Blackmail scams are becoming a common trend among scammers.

It's a fast-run scam that can lead to people losing thousands of dollars.

If caught on a chat site trying to scam he’s likely be banned so after some chit-chat he lures the victim onto an instant messaging app such as Skype or YIM.

The scammer may ask to be added to the victim’s face book contacts.

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