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Even my gays can remember they’re men when shit pops off (have you seen those guys fight! This would be patronizing and assume women are too weak or mechanically ill-inclined to do things themselves. So is this a better construct than the current state of heteronormativity that so many people feel is so bad and so oppressive?

Aisha1908 on Twitter made the point that dressing in women’s clothes and being gay aren’t necessarily synonymous.

There are straight dudes who wear women’s clothes: Do I have a problem with the above gentlemen’s choice of haberdashery? Do I respect the right of a private institution to say, “naw, folk, you ain’t fina come to class like that.” Yup. The question that lingers in my mind is just this: Is there any room for gender roles left in our society?

Consequently, a heteronormative view is one that promotes alignment of biological sex, gender identity, and gender roles to the gender binary.

Those who identify and criticize heteronormativity say that it distorts discourse by stigmatizing and marginalizing some forms of sexuality and gender, and makes certain types of self-expression more difficult when that expression violates the norm.

On July 21, 2010, news reports indicated Novak had signed a contract to remain with the show for its seventh and eighth seasons; under the new terms, he would be made an executive producer midway through Season 7 and direct two episodes of the show.

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In a June 2009 interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer, Novak spoke about sharing the success of The Office with his Newton South High School classmate John Krasinski: Sometimes when this feels too good to be true, I think that if this were all a dream, that would be what should have tipped me off.

No one even touched the issue of sunglasses or gold grills or sagging pants or hoodies inside, so I’m going to have to infer that everyone’s fine with banning these things.

After all, these are accoutrements of the underclass, and no one wants to be associated with poor blacks.

The duo clearly enjoyed a wonderful night of industry fun, and we had just as much fun reliving The Office days vicariously through their snaps.

Read on to see their sweet snaps, then settle in for a nostalgia-fueled marathon of the show.

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