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A complex and interesting life awaits those born under the influence of a lunar eclipse.

Known to be strongly intuitive, creative, compassionate and perceptive, it is said they make excellent psychologists as they are able to read character and uncover motivations.

Like those born under a full moon, Lunar Eclipse babies should undertake all tasks during the New Moon and First Quarter Moon to increase chances of success.

Remaining strong in the face of adversity, uncertainty and unforeseen obstacles leads to their greatest achievements and fulfillment in life.

Wear this moon phase to honor birthdays or any sacred date to channel strength, enlightenment and a generosity of spirit.

Mania, nervousness and racing thoughts may develop, signaling a time to slow down and feel the earth underfoot.

By letting go of all fears, worries and self-judgement, they will begin again to give birth to new ideas and concepts.

An eagerness to make the world a better place may tempt them to follow ideologies too blindly.

Yet most can rely on strong intuitive powers to see that shred of waning light before making wrong decisions.

Yet when they commit to their passion, they do so with a strong resolve to develop, cultivate and make manifest.

Although, as lunar energy ebbs and flows, staying connected to their inner resolve becomes difficult at times.

Wear this moon phase to honor birthdays or any sacred date and energize your life with the spirit of new beginnings.

Those born under the influence of this moon phase are assertive, adventurous and filled with curiosity about life.

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