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She has also written about digital cameras and accessories and has dealt with her fair share of wonky video software.

After spending more than 40 hours researching 150 dash cams, and driving more than 100 miles to test 12 of the most promising models, we recommend the Papago Go Safe 535 as the best dash cam for most drivers.

Its video quality ranked among the best of the models we tested, plus it’s compact and easy to use.

(Fortunately, you can turn them off easily.) However, the Mi Vue 420 has a narrower, 140-degree field of view and isn’t quite as easy to use as the Go Safe 535.

It’s also more expensive than our top pick typically, though we’ve seen this Magellan model’s price drop to as low as about $70—you should get the Mi Vue 420 if it’s less expensive than our top pick, as long as you don’t mind its narrower field of view.

The Magellan Mi Vue 420 Dash Cam is a solid alternative to the Papago Go Safe 535.

It offers the same super-sharp 1296p resolution and detailed footage in all sorts of lighting, but with a larger display (2.7 versus 2 inches).

The Papago Go Safe 535 features 2304×1296 resolution at 30 frames per second, and in all the lighting conditions we tested, this model produced crisp images that made seeing details and license plates easy.

It comes with an 8 GB micro SD card but will accept cards up to 64 GB.

The Go Safe 535 is easy to mount on the windshield, it has buttons that are easy to reach, and it provides reliable, automatic operation each time you get in your car.

Other cameras tick those boxes too, but nothing as affordable hits them all, and none of them performed quite as well across the board as the Go Safe 535.

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